Regional GFSE: 1st Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF), 24-26 June 2008, Grenada

The First Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF) was held from 24-26 June 2008 at Taylor Hall, St. George's University (SGU), Grenada, in conjunction with the Fourth Caribbean Environmental Forum (CEF-4). The meeting brought together a diverse cross-section of stakeholders and was facilitated by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) together with the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ).

The CSEF focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy security for Caribbean small island developing states (SIDS). The meeting drew approximately 50 representatives from government agencies, UN bodies and international organizations, academia, business and industry, civil society and financial institutions. Participants discussed a variety of topics, including energy efficiency, energy policy, wind energy production, solar energy, biofuels, advances in renewable energy, and financing of renewable energy projects.

Updates on specific energy projects based in Caribbean countries were also presented. The CSEF was organized as a follow-up up to the 2007 meeting on "Energy Efficiency for Developing Countries" of the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (GFSE), a platform that facilitates international dialogue, produces new opportunities and enhances existing initiatives in the field of sustainable energy. Delegates also participated in the launch of the Photovoltaic (PV) Test Field at SGU and attended a variety of technical tours.

Conference Report

Conference Report

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