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The Global Forum on Sustainable Energy

Solar Power Provides Remote Communities with Energy in Nigeria

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About 51% of the population in Nigeria - the majority of which is located in rural areas - still lacks access to the national electricity grid. A solar mini grid facility in southern Nigeria is looking to change that for two communities, namely the Umon Island and Bagana Community.[more]

Global Renewable Generation Continues its Strong Growth

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By the end of 2017, global renewable generation capacity increased by 167 GW and reached 2,179 GW worldwide. This represents a yearly growth of around 8.3%, the average for seven straight years in a row, according to new data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).[more]

New Clean Cooking Program in Nepal

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In cooperation with the Government of Nepal, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), and the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) will help lead the first national clean cooking program in Nepal.[more]

REEEP: Greening India’s Dairy Value Chain

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The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) recently started its follow-up project to the GIZ/REEEP project on Clean Energy Solutions for Milk Cooling in India and Kenya. While this new project will continue to identify possibilities for implementing clean energy solutions (renewables and energy efficiency), it will also target the use of refrigerants in India's dairy value chain[more]

News from Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET)

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With high motivation and lots of energy on all sides, the first GWNET global mentoring program has started with mentors and mentees from Africa, North & South America, China as well as Europe. Over 20 mentee applications were received, after a careful selection and match-making, 11 mentee-mentor tandems were constituted. The 12 month programme started with a kick-off call between mentee and mentor, facilitated by GWNET.[more]

High-Level Review of SDG7

Progress on implementing SDG 7 on sustainable energy for all will reviewed by the international community at the High-Level Forum of the UN in July in New York. In preparation for this review, significant technical work has been conducted for the last several months by a vast array of stake-holders. It has resulted in 23 Policy Briefs which you can find on the GFSE website under Services - Links. [more]

United Nations Backs Solar Powered Irrigation

A new report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) outlines the benefits of solar powered irrigation systems to both large- and small-scale farming operations in developing countries. The report also stresses the need for comprehensive management and regulation of such systems to avoid unsustainable water use. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization outlines the potential for solar powered irrigations to provide a reliable energy source for farmers, and reduce both costs and emissions associated with agriculture. [more]

REN21’s New Executive Secretary

As of April 2018, REN21 has a new Executive Secretary, namely Ms. Rana Adib, who will be succeeding Ms. Christine Lins. During her previous role as REN21’s Research Coordinator, Ms. Adib led the work on developing the comprehensive Renewables Global Status Report series. [more]

Around the World: Solar Power Dominance

A number of reports and forecasts have been issued over the past weeks, each a shining signal of the positive trajectory the solar PV industry is on.[more]

Food for Thought

Numerous new reports were recently launched, which provide some interesting research about renewable energies and development progress around the world. To read more about the Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition, World Happiness Report 2018 and World Development Report 2019: The Changing Nature of Work, please follow this link. [more]

Adaptation Futures 2018, 18th – 21st June in Cape Town (South Africa)

Adaptation Futures is an international conference dedicated to climate change adaptation. The conference is centered around six themes, namely adaptation & development; South-South & South-North knowledge & learning; climate adaptation & 21st century challenges; collaboration, knowledge co-production & research into use; financing of adaptation; and learning from doing.[more]

Electrify Europe, 19th – 21st June 2018 in Vienna (Austria)

Electrify Europe is the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors, driven by digitalization, decarbonisation, decentralisation and electrification.[more]
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