IVECF Solution Event "High wellbeing with low energy demand towards modern net-zero cities" took place on the 3rd November 2023 at 9:45-10:45 in Rittersaal Hofburg, Vienna.

Topic: The buildings sector exerts significant impacts on climate, accounting for 40% of energy consumption, 33% of greenhouse gas emissions, 30% of raw material consumption and 40% of waste generation worldwide, and becomes the prime emitter of greenhouse gases when taking into account embodied energy of construction materials.

The aim of the session was to identify pathways to a just net-zero society through solutions for urban transformation, decarbonization and reducing energy demand in the building sector. Austrian best practices were illustrated that could be widely adopted and lead to the desired future prospects. In addition to technical and systematic solutions, the focus was also placed on social aspects by presenting non-profit housing projects in Vienna. The refurbishment programmes represent effective measures that can contribute to achieving energy efficiency and resilience, decarbonisation and sustainability goals. The renovation measures also have positive secondary effects, such as improving living standards and inclusion of social solutions.

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Summary and Presentations