RES4Africa publishes Youth Agenda

The RES4Africa organized and hosted two virtual PreCOP26 events for youth, which provided a dedicated space for dialogue between young energy changemakers and high-level representatives from the private sector and public institutions.
The first session was the "African Youth-Led Summit-Climate Change and Renewable Energy" on 28 September 2021. The second one was "Driving a Just Energy Transition -Leaving No Youth Behind" on 1 October 2021.

The outcome of the discussions is the Youth Agenda, which summarises the recommendations of the youth representatives participating in the events. The main proposals of the Youth Agenda focus on the need to reform and fund education while promoting gender diversity and balance in the labor market, especially in the energy sector. The primary areas of action identified in the Agenda are: 

1. social inclusion of women and youth and their role in climate change prevention;
2. socio-economic and environmental impacts of the energy transition;
3. the role of young innovators;
4. the role of sustainable policies in climate change adaptation, innovation, and mitigation.

As the youngest generations will inherit the planet, it is crucial to engage them by creating dedicated spaces for dialogue and involvement in decision-making and policy-making processes. 

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