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The Global Forum on Sustainable Energy invites you to become a member of the association and to actively support its endeavours to make world energy systems more sustainable from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

GFSE works to foster international dialogue on energy for sustainable development, to broker knowledge for well-informed decision making and to build bridges between policy makers, donors and investors for sustainable energy projects.

Next to their active contribution in partnering for sustainable energy and development, GFSE offers its members regular updates about numerous sustainable energy initiatives and programmes worldwide, and organises conferences and workshops through which GFSE promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and showcases inclusive solutions for the transition towards a sustainable energy system. Furthermore, GFSE offers its members and associated partners the possibility to present their successful best practice project examples to a wide range of stakeholders on the GFSE website. GFSE can also promote your sustainable energy events on the GFSE website, thereby helping your event achieve greater visibility and a larger target audience.

Regular Members of the GFSE are fully involved in the activities of the association.

Associated Members of the GFSE particularly support the activities of the association through a higher financial contribution.

Honorary Members of the GFSE are appointed by the General Assembly for their special achievements for the association based on proposal of the Board of GFSE.  

All natural persons that identify with the objectives of the GFSE, and legal entities can become members of the association.

The Board of GFSE decides on the accession of regular and associated members, and reserves the right to refuse membership without justification. Membership in the association is agreed for an indefinite period and may be terminated through death or loss of legal status (in case of legal entities), through voluntary termination, cancellation or exclusion. Members can withdraw from the association with a written note to the Board at least 3 months before the end of each calendar year (31st December). Delayed notice will only be effective as of the next withdrawal date. 

Membership Fees:

Regular Members          EUR 100,- per year

Associated Members     Voluntary contribution > EUR 100,- per year

Honorary Members        ---

Statutes of the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (DE version)

Membership Accession Form (DE/EN)

Data protection

By submitting your information (name, surname, organization, department, street, postal code, city phone, email, date of birth) via the Membership Accession Form (DE/EN) form, you agree that the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (GFSE) can use your data to contact you and update you about the work of GFSE and its network. GFSE will always store your details in a secure database, and will treat your information with respect.

You have the right to access your data upon request and can, of course, unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, by following the following link.

For further information please see our Data Protection Declaration.