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Oktober 2020

Newly-launched “Women at the Forefront” Programme

In addition, there is a shortage on support networks, role models and champions that would help foster their careers. To advance the Sustainable Goal 7 (Affordable and clean energy) and close the access gap, women need support in order to equally contribute to the energy transition.

Building on the success of the People-Centered Accelerator Mentoring Programme, designed by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) together with the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET), to accelerate the careers of women in management positions in energy access, the “Women at the Forefront Programme” was recently launched by SEforALL. It identifies and supports the next generation of female energy leaders to close the access gap and ensure a just energy transition. The program undertakes four strategic activities: an internship program, a mentorship program, a technical training and sponsored participation at conferences and events.

The program expects that it will gain more recognition over the next three years and at least 1,750 young women will be trained in the skills needed to enter the energy access workforce. Through the strong mentorship programs, the professional networks of 650 women will be extended and women will receive technical training and capacity development courses to advance their energy sector careers. This should also help to expand equal representation in the workforce.

You can find more information here.