Recommendations from the Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions

The Global Commission for People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions  has presented 12 recommendations from national leaders, ministers and civil society representatives address issues of jobs, worker protection, equality, social inclusion and fairness. They also emphasise the vital importance of protecting workers and communities that might be negatively affected by clean energy transitions. The recommendations also include advice on how to ensure all policies have equity and social inclusion at the heart of their design, and how to engage all citizens as active participants in transitions. The recommendations can be found here: 


Decent jobs and worker protection

1. Design transitions to maximise the creation of decent jobs

2. Develop tailored government support for communities and workers as well as a focus on skills and training

3. Use social dialogue, robust stakeholder engagement and policy co-ordination to deliver better outcomes

Social and economic development

4. Ensure that policies enhance social and economic development, and improve quality of life for all 

5. Prioritise universal clean energy access and the elimination of energy poverty

6. Maintain and enhance energy security, affordability and resilience

Equity, social inclusion and fairness

7. Incorporate gender, equality and social inclusion considerations in all policies

8. Ensure fair distribution of clean energy benefits and avoid the risk of disproportionate negative impacts on vulnerable populations

9. Integrate the voices of younger generations in decision making

People as active participants

10. Involve the public through participation and communication

11. Use insights from behavioural science to design effective behaviour change policies

12. Enhance impact through international collaboration and exchange of best practice