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Oktober 2020

REN21: Public Support in the Energy Transition

Especially big oil companies, like British Petrol that announced their plan to reach 50 GW of renewable energy in its portfolio by 2030, seek to diversify their energy portfolio. Such companies need strong citizen involvement and the trust of the community to achieve their ambitious goals.

Besides public acceptance, citizens are looking for ways to directly engage and participate in renewable energy projects in order to improve their quality of life within the community. Through public ownership, citizens are becoming more aware of the co-benefits associated with the deployment of renewable energy projects. Education plays a crucial role in raising awareness and gaining acceptance. By already integrating environmental education at the primary school level, citizens at a very young age can also be engaged in the discourse around the energy transition. Source: https://www.ren21.net/public_support/

2020 Global Status Report (GSR)